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Are you looking to help your team develop essential selling skills?

How can we help you to develop or grow your sales team?

Think Selling will work with you and your sales team to deliver:

 Long term sustainable improvements in sales results

Put your sales team back in control of the sales process 

Convert more sales more often and improve forecasting accuracy 


We provide sales teams with: 

Sales skills training to help your team to find new prospects and opportunities 

Sales skills training to help your team to win more deals and increase average sales value

Sales skills training to help your team to grow and develop accounts 

Why choose Think Selling Sales Training?

Our world class sales methodology has been adopted and used by over 9,000 sales professionals

Trusted by over 1500 companies to train their sales teams with an average satisfaction score of 97%

Market leading support to ensure that on average 75% of our material is retained and applied by sales teams 

   Sales Training Courses

Account Management Skills 


Penetrate, develop, and protect your key accounts.


Course Overview 

This interactive course is designed to help account managers to identify their top 20% of customers with the potential to generate the greatest return on investment and create a strategy of nurturing, growing and retaining these valuable accounts.

You will gain the critical skills and knowledge needed to turn account growth opportunity into account growth reality. 
You will be introduced to our a proven process 360 account development methodology for strategic account planning that will allow you to systematically review and grow your accounts.


Key Learning Objectives 


  • Develop Enterprise-Level Relationships

  • Learn a process to craft strategies that neutralize, unseat, and protect your accounts from competitive threats.

  • Grow Existing Accounts

  • Strengthen and deepen your ability to create greater value in your accounts

  • Develop and apply a strategic selling approach for winning and developing all of your significant accounts 

  • Evaluate your competitive strengths and see yourself through the eyes of your customers

  • Analyse the organisational structure and decision making process within client/prospect organisations

Account Management Skills Bespoke In House Sales Course 

Engage us to design and deliver a completely bespoke in house sales training program for your sales team, delivered over 1, 2 or 3 days and covering the aspects of account management that are relevant to your team. 

Account Management Skills - Public Sales Workshop


Available as a public sales workshop in London, Birmingham and Manchester 


Next Course Dates 

Account Management Skills 1 day course Manchester 3rd Mar 2020


Call 020 8798 0979 for the latest dates and availability 

   Public Sales Training Workshops

Full Course Diary

View our full 2020 sales training course diary for courses in Birmingham, London and Manchester 

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