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Sales Training

Are your sales team encountering any of these challenges?

  • Your sales team is finding that they are becoming involved later in the sales process than they have before

  • They are finding that they are disadvantaged by the fact that buyers have more access to more information than ever before

  • Your team is finding it more challenging to gain valuable insight into their client's and prospect's buying process

  • Your team is struggling to generate consistent new business opportunities and finding historically successful approaches are no longer delivering enough opportunities?

  • Account growth is stalling and your team are losing accounts to competitors 

  • Is this having an impact on their ability to forecast accurately, close sales and ultimately achieve their target?

Let Think Selling put your sales team back in control

of the sales process

Let us show you how we have helped sales teams across the UK to take back control of the sales process

Would you be open to having a brief call to allow us to share some insights on how we have helped sales teams to overcome these challenges using our 360 sales approach?

Our 360 prospect developer is helping sales teams to generate an average response of 23% from their prospecting activities

Teams using our 360 sales developer model are benefiting from an average sales opportunity conversation rate of 47.5%

Our 360 account development tools are helping the teams we work to deliver an average account growth rate of 12%

To set up an initial conversation with a member of the team to share these insights call us on 020 8798 0979

   Sales Training Courses

Account Management Skills Bespoke In House Sales Course 

Engage us to design and deliver a completely bespoke in house sales training program for your sales team, delivered over 1, 2 or 3 days and covering the aspects of account management that are relevant to your team. 

Account Management Skills - Public Sales Workshop


Available as a public sales workshop in London, Birmingham and Manchester 

Account Management 

Sales Training Course

Penetrate, develop, and protect your key accounts.

This interactive public sales training course is designed to help account managers to identify their top 20% of customers with the potential to generate the greatest return on investment and create a strategy of nurturing, growing, and retaining these valuable accounts.


You will gain the critical skills and knowledge needed to turn account growth opportunity into account growth reality and be introduced to our a proven process 360 account development methodology for strategic account planning that will allow you to review and grow your accounts

Suitable for 

  • Account Managers

  • Key Account Managers 

  • Account Directors 

  • Field Sales Staff

Sales Prospecting 

Sales Training Course

Generate new leads and sales opportunities through a more strategic prospecting approach


By completing this course your sales team will learn how to effectively position value, secure new customer appointments, access senior decision-makers, and generate opportunities and referrals from existing contacts. 

By completing this course your sales team will learn how to effectively position value, secure new customer appointments, access senior decision-makers, and generate opportunities.

Suitable for 

  • Business Development Managers

  • Account Managers

  • Inside Sales Teams 

  • Field Sales Staff

Outbound Telesales 

Sales Training Course 

Take a more intelligent approach to outbound telesales to achieve your sales goals and stand out from your competition.


This course will provide delegates with an intelligent, grown-up approach to outbound telesales, delivered by an experienced trainer, they will share their experience, knowledge and the techniques they use themselves to secure meetings and high-value sales to achieve their own sales goals. 

Suitable for 

  • Internal Account Managers

  • Inside Sales Teams 

  • Call Centre Teams

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