The questions every salesperson should know the answer to

The questions every salesperson should know the answer to

How often have you been asked by a client on a call or within a meeting “so what do you know about us?” and if you have ever been caught out by this because you haven’t researched your client you will know that you suddenly have an uphill task ahead of you to turn that meeting around.

It is a common question that comes up almost every time you speak to a prospect or a client for the first time, so why do so many prospects ask us this question?

Well firstly it’s a completely legitimate question to ask when you consider how easy it is to access information about our clients, but it goes deeper than this, it’s an easy way for a prospect to put an early marker out to establish how well prepared you are for the meeting and how seriously you have taken this meeting and after all why should they be interested in you if you are not interested in them?

There’s a huge benefit to you by carrying out some thorough research of the client

When I am preparing for a meeting I always go through a similar process for uncovering the information I need but without fail this process always identifies something that shapes my discussion slightly differently, this allows me to be able to structure my meeting in a way that not only demonstrates that I have carried out some research about the company but it also allows me to drill down on an element that will be of use to me when identifying what might be important to the client and allow me to select a group of questions that will allow me to uncover the information I need.

So what do prospects expect you to know about their business?

The background of the person or people you are meeting

This is one of the easiest pieces of information to obtain, if you have a LinkedIn account then this is simplicity itself, if you don’t (how are you surviving without one) there are still ways of searching the web to discover some basic information about the person or people you are meeting.

The basics I would be looking to understand would be things like how long they have been with the company and who they have worked for before.

What the business does and the markets they operate within

Again a really easy one by simply spending a few minutes before the meeting going through the client’s website, most websites now have all this information easily accessible.

If you can find out the type of clients they work with

Not quite as easy this one, but some sites will display this information via case studies or the who we work with section, but alternatively you can do a simple search via the web to disc