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The most important A B C in sales

The most important A B C in sales

Well it’s not “ALWAYS BE CLOSING” (that’s not to say that we shouldn’t still be getting the customer to commit every step of the way) the new ABC of selling is more about us and how we approach the sale and our mental capacity to sell more effectively…

A stands for attitude

This is a massive one for sales people, I’m yet to meet a successful sales person or any successful individual that didn’t have an amazing attitude and I doubt I will come across many successful people that have a poor attitude, your attitude impacts on everything you do, how you communicate, how you act and more importantly how you think, to be successful in sales you need to adopt and maintain a successful attitude.

B stands for belief

Belief is again huge, you have to have belief in everything you are doing, belief in what you are selling, belief in the company you work for and most importantly belief in yourself, belief in your own ability and the belief that you can achieve your goals and achieve the outcomes you want form your sales career, all of the hugely successful sales people I have ever worked with all had something in common, they had belief in their own ability and what they were doing.

C stands for Confidence

Confidence plays a massive part in the make-up of a successful sales person, never to be confused with arrogance, confident sales people are very often successful sales people, why, because they have the confidence to do the things others are too fearful of attempting, they regularly take themselves out of their comfort zone, they push for the deals that many think they will never win so never try to win, they have the confidence to grab opportunities and dare to dream rather than expect to fail.

Unsurprisingly all three are closely connected, but vitally important to your ability to be successful as a sales person, but let me leave you with this thought, when we prepare for a sales call or a sales appointment we prepare many aspects of our sales approach, our pitch, our questions, maybe even our objection responses, but how often do we prepare our attitude, belief or confidence?

Has this article got you thinking about developing your sales mindset?

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