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5 Activities That Every Salesperson Should Carry Out

5 Activities That Every Salesperson Should Carry Out

Businesses and salespeople have for decades been searching for the answer to a question which has been asked for as long as salespeople have existed, how do I make more sales? The question might seem to be an impossible one to answer but the truth is that there is an answer or more accurately there are answers out there to help salespeople make more sales and by following these 5 simple activities you will make more sales! Follow up every enquiry

This is one of the most common problems I come across with salespeople that are underperforming, not following up every single enquiry you receive is simply the biggest sin you can commit in sales – think about it, if you have someone that is interested in what you have to offer, they have requested information and they are in the buying cycle, why wouldn’t you follow them up? Focus on your existing customer base

If you have existing customers, you have a source of potential leads, but so many salespeople simply forget about their existing customer. Think about how you valued their business when you were trying to get them to become a customer and be honest do you still treat them in the same way? More worryingly if you don’t look after your customers your competition will! Take your time with sales enquiries and ask more questions

How well do you take enquiries? The enquiry taking process is the most important part of the sales process and will ultimately make or break your chances of securing the sale when the client is ready to buy – take the time to ask more questions and get a greater understanding of what the client is looking for and if you are still unsure keep asking questions until you are sure! Make more sales calls

Although this appears an obvious suggestion, believe me, this is the most critical of all the activities, high-performing salespeople really do make sales calls, but not only that, they make more sales calls than they need to and they make them regularly to ensure they always have a constant supply of sales leads – think about it logically the reason why so many salespeople don’t hit their targets is because they don’t make enough sales caused by a lack of opportunities because they don’t have enough leads, because they don’t make enough . . . . . that’s right sales calls. Get in front of customers and if you can’t get in front of them get on the phone to them

No matter how many experts tell me that the electronic age is here and here to stay, there is a place for email and it isn’t as a replacement for communicating with prospects and customers, without doubt, the most effective way of improving your chances of a sale is to get in front of your customers, you can’t read their emotions or see their facial expression via an email – I recently worked with a small team and no sooner had they started getting more meeting’s with their customers the number of sales they converted increased almost immediately – simple but very effective.

What challenges are you or your own sales team facing?

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