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7 benefits of sales training courses for businesses

Sales training courses can often be overlooked by business owners and managers as they (incorrectly) assume they only benefit salespeople by teaching them the skills they need to succeed in their role.

In reality, sales training courses can have significant benefits to businesses in the long run – especially those who actively support and facilitate ongoing sales training for their team.

Here are the top 7 ways sales training can benefit your business.

1. Sales training helps your team close bigger sales

Whether it’s a refresher on essential sales skills, or developing more advanced techniques like consultative selling, sales training helps your team develop the skills and confidence needed to go after larger sales than ever before. Larger sales mean more revenue as well as a reputational boost that can help you secure even more deals in the future.

This ultimately means you can get more revenue for the same amount of effort by simply ensuring your sales team has the ongoing support and regular training they need.

2. Sales training improves communication skills

The sales process is much smoother when the buyer trusts the seller, but research shows that only 3% of people think salespeople are trustworthy. Communication is key to building trust but it can be very easy for even the most experienced salespeople to get stuck in an outdated routine and develop bad habits. Sales training courses are designed to improve a variety of communication skills, from cold calling to sales presentations, ensuring that your sales teams are ready to approach buyers and get them on side.

3. Sales training improves customer service

Sales training isn’t just about learning to close that initial deal. Sales training courses like our Introduction to Key Account Management help salespeople to develop the skills they need to maintain great relationships with the customers, deliver an excellent service, and retain those customers even after the preliminary contract is up.

4. Sales training improves productivity and efficiency

The goal for most businesses is to work smarter, not harder so that you can achieve better results with equal or fewer resources (such as expenses and time). Company-wide productivity initiatives often fail to get results from sales teams since the sales process is incredibly different from the processes other teams will use.

This is where sales training has the benefit of being able to address the nuances of the sales process to help your company improve. Sales training courses almost always start by addressing how salespeople can be more organised and efficient with their time, teaching them how to use data and analytical thinking to improve their overall productivity.

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5. Sales training increases revenue

With improved productivity, better communication, client retention, and bigger sales comes an increase in revenue that you’ll struggle to get organically. Sales training helps your team develop all the skills they need that, when brought together, can help you increase revenue, reduce expenses, and walk away with a significantly improved profit margin.

6. Develop and retain top sales talent

Your sales team is only as good as the salespeople in it. It’s integral that you invest the time and effort in developing your team’s skills so that you can fill any knowledge gaps as well as develop strong sales managers who can lead the team for you.

When recruiting talent, active facilitation of sales training can help you attract, secure, and retain top talent since ambitious salespeople will be looking for routes to progress in their career and will be drawn to employers who can support them in achieving their goals.

7. Keep business profitable in challenging times

In challenging times, the sales team can often be what makes or breaks a business. Sales training ensures that salespeople have a variety of sales skills so that they can adapt to the needs of the business and customer easily without delay. When salespeople can adapt like this, they continue to close sales, keep current customers from leaving and ensure that the business remains profitable despite the circumstances.

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If you’re looking to improve performance, profits, and profiles within your business, supporting sales training is a great place to start.

Think Selling Sales Training specialise in sales training designed to elevate everyone’s performance - from entry-level sales reps to high-level account managers. We offer a range of sales courses that can be delivered as public sales workshops, in-house sales training sessions, or live online sales courses depending on the needs of your business and sales teams.

When a sales team is supported with the right coaching and provided with the right tools their results improve dramatically. Many of our client's teams have seen their results transformed from 60 - 70% of their team missing their target to over 90% consistently hitting or exceeding their targets.

Browse our range of sales courses or get in touch for more information.

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