7 Essential Selling Skills You Need For A Career In Sales

The customer landscape for salespeople is only becoming more competitive over time with new products, services and brands popping up daily to compete for your prospect’s attention. If you’re going to have a successful career in sales, here are the essential selling skills you need:

1. Communication Skills

Strong communication is crucial to successfully selling any product or service to a prospect. Salespeople need to be able to communicate confidently and clearly, so they can convey the benefits and value of the offer to potential customers.

Good communication skills also include being able to differentiate yourself from others with similar offers or products by telling compelling and memorable stories whether through telesales or sales presentations. Being able to craft a compelling story that aligns with the needs of the listener can often make or break a sale.

Outstanding communication skills can also help you educate your prospects about new ideas, approaches and services if your product is a challenger in the industry. Colder leads will need support and education before they’ll feel ready to buy.

Many think that people are born with great communication skills – but they can be taught and improved on with training and practice. Communication skills are often a core part of any sales course – even people who feel confident in their communication skills tend to walk away with a new insight or technique to implement.

2. Listening Skills

Sales isn’t just about telling the prospect about your offer - talking too much can be detrimental to your conversion rates. Arguably more important than talking is listening.

By demonstrating active listening when your prospect is speaking, you can show that you understand their current problems, along with any obstacles they currently face to making a purchase. Active listening skills can also help you to build an instant rapport with the prospect as they’ll be confident that you’re looking to help them and trust the solutions you offer.

Listening can also help you determine the right questions to ask to move the conversation in the right direction and to qualify the customer’s requirements for your offer. You can pick up on details they previously mentioned and work them into your questions and responses. Consultative selling, in particular, relies entirely on your listening skills.

A great listening technique to use when selling is to not only listen to what a prospect is saying, but also how they’re saying it. Reading how other people feel about you and your questions may massively change the approach you take to selling to them. If the conversion takes place over a voice call you can listen to the tone they use and the time it takes them to form their answers and if the conversation takes place in person or via video call you can also look at body language to gauge how they feel.

3. Organisational Skills

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