7 tips to be great at cold calling

Everyone hates cold calling. Even salespeople! Over two-thirds have reported it as one of the worst parts of their job. But cold calls still have incredible value when it comes to generating meetings and deals with high-value clients - 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople as a result of cold calls.

This is why is essential that modern salespeople embrace cold calling as one of their core sales techniques.

But how can you be great at it?

1. Take the cold out of cold calling

One way to improve the chances of having a successful cold call is to warm up your prospects beforehand. You can connect with them on LinkedIn or send an email so that your call seems less out-of-the-blue and they’ll recognise your name. 78% of sales reps have reported better results after using social media to research and connect with their prospects.

2. Accept that rejection is part of the process

When it comes to cold calling, rejection is part of the job. No matter how good a salesperson you are, you will get rejected at some point. The trick to not taking it personally or seeing it as a “failure” is to accept that it’s inevitable – some sales teams even make a game out of it and compare their funniest rejections at the end of the day!

Rejections can also be an opportunity for you to learn so that you can reduce how often you get rejected in the future. If the person who has rejected you has been quite pleasant about it, you can always ask them what is about your product or conversation that has made them say no. It can also be helpful to keep track of where in the conversation people normally reject you. Gathering this information can help you make tweaks to your future cold calling approach.

Rejection today doesn’t mean that there won’t be an opportunity in the future!

3. Learn how to work with voicemail

Around 60% of cold calls go straight to voicemail – but don’t let this deter you. Instead, make use of this opportunity to get a call back

  • Who you are

  • Ask a question to provoke interest

  • Why they would benefit from returning your call

  • How they can reach you

Voicemails can also provide some great gems of information to help with your prospecting process

4. Call again!

86% of sales reps don’t make a follow-up call – this can seriously harm your overall sales figures since it takes most sales reps an average of 6 -8 calls to close a deal.