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Trainer Profile - Paul Routley


Trainer Profile - Paul Routley

                                                             Paul Routley is a highly experienced sales trainer and one of the country’s leading authorities on modern                                                                 sales techniques.

                                                             With over twenty five years’ experience in sales and sales management, starting out in sales at the age of                                                                 17 and working his way up from trainee sales person to sales director, working for some of the world’s                                                                       largest and most well-known companies along the way.

                                                             Paul has held a number of sales manager and sales director roles throughout his career and has a proven                                                               track record in creating and developing extremely successful and effective sales teams in every industry                                                                 he has worked within.


                                                             As a trainer he brings a tremendous amount of experience and invaluable knowledge to all aspects of sales and selling within a variety of industries with a particular flair for telephone selling and a grown up approach to cold calling.


“I still love to sell and I think that is one of our strongest differentiators, we are still selling and we are still learning and this helps us to have total confidence in the material we share with the teams we works with

Paul’s training courses are always memorable and renowned for not just being educational and enlightening but also inspirational, motivational and entertaining. 

During his career Paul has lived and worked in more than twelve European countries including: Germany, France, Sweden, Estonia, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and Ireland

Paul is one of the UK’s leading sales trainers and also a fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management


“I genuinely believe that I have the best job in the world, there is no better feeling than working with an individual or a team to help them to overcome a challenge and to then see the impact this has on their sales results”

Areas of expertise


  • Customer orientated selling

  • Inbound telesales

  • Outbound telesales

  • Cold calling

  • Face to face selling

  • Selling value

  • Account management

  • Account planning and account development

  • Handling price objections

  • Business to business sales

  • Sales strategy

“I’m passionate about improving sales results for sales teams and changing the way they think about selling”


Sales Trainer of the year Nominee         


2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015


  • Fellow of the ISMM

  • 14 years’ experience as a trainer

  • NLP master practitioner

  • DISC Behavioural Practitioner

  • Thomas International PPA Practitioner

  • Thomas International GIA Practitioner

  • Thomas International TEIQ Practitioner

  • Thomas International HPTI Practitioner

  • Thomas International Engagement Practitioner



Experience Overview


Over 25 years commercial sales experience


Sales Trainer – 14 years

Sales Manager – 5 years +

Team Manager – 7 years +

Sales Director – 11 years +

Interim Sales Director 5 years +

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