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Follow the diary of our training team as they travels across the UK and beyond working with sales teams and delivering a wide range of sales development projects.

Diary of an online sales trainer Opening

Edition 6# Real Selling 20/02/2020  

So it’s been another really busy few weeks and as we are starting to see a few signs of businesses trying to find ways to begin trading again with teams working remotely and trying to work out how things might look moving forward.

Our focus for online training has been around lead generation, prospecting training, and leadership development supporting many of the sales managers I work with to develop strategies to keep their teams motivated and focused whilst working remotely. In terms of lead generation and prospecting although in the current climate it is tough going the teams I have been working with have had some successes generating new leads and opportunities in really tough conditions but getting the message across that the work they are doing now will deliver rewards when markets start to pick back up again.


Until next time keep safe and stay positive


Best wishes




Edition 5# Real Selling 20/02/2020


So this week has been busy, so far I have delivered my second online sales training course already this week helping two teams to understand the actions and activities they can be taking with their existing accounts to support and work more closely with them in this time of crisis and laying the foundations for future success. I'm delighted to see so many companies using this time to develop their teams, improve their team's skills and put account management strategies in place.  

Edition 4# Real Selling 20/02/2020  


Our lead trainer Paul Routley talks you through the other side of his role, one of the key differentiators of Think Selling is that our trainers are sales people, when they're not training they're selling so that when we share sales approaches and techniques with our clients we know that they work because we are using these approaches ourselves

Edition 2# Sales Skills for Non Sales People 11/02/2020  


Our lead trainer Paul Routley talks you through what he will be covering within a session delivering sales skills to a engineering team

The Think Selling Team: TeamMember



Edition 3# Lead Generation 18/02/2020  

Paul will be working with a manufacturing business development team to develop their call approach, their questions and how they tell the story on the phone

Edition 1# Account Management 06/02/2020  


Our lead trainer Paul Routley talks you through what he will be covering within an account management session

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