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Humanistics Free Webinar Series

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In partnership with our colleagues at Humanostics, Alex Covey David Kelham & Paul Routley are hosting a series of webinars with Jesper Præstensgaard as the co-host on HR-related topics.

How to set your Hybrid model up for success - August 12th 10.30am (30 Minutes)

Speakers: Alex Covey & Jesper Præstensgaard

As workplaces continue to open back up, it is clear that more flexible ways of working are here to stay.

But flexibility and individuality go hand in hand. How do you create a hybrid environment that works for everyone?


This free webinar shares tips on successfully managing a hybrid environment.

'Breaking the Bad’ How to change the recruitment game - August 19th 10.30am (30 Minutes)

Speakers: David Kelham & Jesper Præstensgaard

In a tight labour market, Employers can’t use the ‘old ways’ to attract and assess talent. Habits need to change to be successful. It is now more than ever a two-way process.


This free webinar will look at ways to make the process more effective, a better experience and cost-efficient. 

How to avoid the Peter Principle when promoting a Sales Manager - August 24th 10,30am (30 Minutes)

Speakers: Paul Routley & Jesper Præstensgaard

It has been over 50 years since Laurence J. Peter published the book “The Peter Principle” yet today the concept of “Peter Principle” still exists within many sales teams but how do you avoid the trap of the Peter Principle when promoting a Sales Manager?


This free webinar shares valuable insight and advice on how to avoid the Peter Principle when promoting a sales manager. 

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