How can you improve your telesales training?

Telesales needs to continuously improve to keep up with changing consumer habits and competition in the sales space. To stay ahead of the game, you should always look out for opportunities for informal and formal telesales training.

Whether you are an individual telesales agent, a department manager, or a company owner you can use these tips to improve your telesales training and drive higher sales.

Evaluate your need for telesales training

The first step to improving your telesales skills is to know what areas you need more training on.

Use your existing sales targets

Your manager may already be setting you sales targets as a way to keep you motivated and working towards a wider business target. However, you can use sales targets to evaluate how you are performing against expectations to gauge how much training you need.

If you are consistently struggling to hit your targets, it may be a sign that you need a more substantial amount of training whereas if you often overdeliver you may just need to focus on staying up to date with the latest changes and trends.

Analyse call data

Even if you always hit your sales targets, there are likely to be some people you find it harder to sell to than others. This will vary by person as we’ll often build the easiest rapports with those we can empathise with – i.e. those who are the most like us.

Analyse your call data to understand which recipients you tend to struggle with so that you can focus your telesales training on developing the skills needed to sell to these people. Being able to sell to a wide variety of prospects will make you more appealing to employers and give you greater confidence as a telesales agent.

Get feedback on sales calls

Personalised feedback is one of the best ways to understand exactly what areas of telesales you need to improve on. You can get feedback from other sales professionals or managers by having them monitor your calls over a period of time. Customer feedback can also be valuable to help you understand what you lack from their perspective – after all, they’re the ones who are going to buy from you.

Skills to improve through telesales training

There are many skills that telesales training can help you improve, including:

  • Time management

  • Upselling to existing customers