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How to choose a sales training course for your sales team (5 key things you should look for)

As a sales manager or team leader, you’re responsible for raising the level of sales performance in your organisation through high-quality sales training courses. Sales training that doesn’t lead to higher performance and better results will simply be viewed as wasted money by stakeholders, whereas the right training can improve your team’s performance significantly and demonstrate your capabilities as a leader.

To choose a sales training course that’s right for your sales team, you should look for:

1. Sales training tailored to your team’s needs

Every sales team is different so the best in-house sales training will always take this into account to make the best use of your time. By understanding what challenges are faced by the sales team – whether it’s operational challenges, buyer objections, or a problem with a specific sales technique – the sales training can focus on developing your team’s capabilities in these areas.

We work with our clients to deliver a sales training program to meet their specific needs via questionnaires, assessments and development calls with your trainer carried out before the training date. Depending on your team’s requirements and flexible working policies we can deliver training in person or online to best suit you.

2. Sales training that is engaging and relevant

The best training, sales or otherwise, is that which engages the attendees with the course material in a fun and inspiring way. Your sales team will learn more, remember more, and apply more from sales training courses that engage them.

One of the ways we ensure a sales course is engaging for the audience is to check that the topics are relevant to your team's day-to-day challenges, meaning they can apply the lessons and ideas from the training into their roles straight away.

3. Sales training that is ongoing

A lot can get covered in a single day sales course, but it’s unlikely that your team will remember everything from that single day without any ongoing support. Not only does ongoing sales training support help to keep the lessons fresh in the minds of your sales team, but it also helps to keep them accountable for applying the lessons over time.

Every sales course we run is supported by a comprehensive 16-week interactive coaching support program with individual modules designed to make the process of applying the material into their role as straightforward as possible for your sales team.

Every delegate is also given access to a range of post-training support videos, webinars and tutorials to provide additional support on-demand.

4. Sales training that shares practical resources

A large part of a successful salesperson indeed comes down to, well, the skills of the salesperson themselves (and how they apply the training). But a lot can also be said for having the appropriate resources, tools, and templates to facilitate their role.

Great sales training should not only educate sales teams about the skills and techniques needed, but it should also provide them with the physical tools and resources they need to put those newly-learned skills to use with maximum efficiency.

5. Sales training with good communication

If your sales team is truly engaged with their sales training, they will ask questions of the trainer. For this purpose, you should ensure that any training programme you choose for your team can facilitate these questions and has a clear policy and structure for communication with the delegates.

At Think Selling Sales Training, every course attendee will have a post-training follow up call with the trainer to answer any questions that have arisen since the day of the main training session, as well as 12 months of unlimited email and telephone support with the training team to provide advice and guidance around specific sales challenges they may be facing.

Think Selling Sales Training offer a range of totally bespoke in-house sales training courses designed and created to meet your precise sales training needs.

Our in-house sales training covers every level of sales training including advanced and consultative, prospecting, cold calling, account development and field sales.

Sales leaders and business owners turn to Think Selling Sales Training when they are looking to truly change and improve their sales results, whether this is working with a successful sales team that has ambitions to take their results to the next level or a sales team that is on the cusp of great results but needs the support and guidance of an experienced sales trainer to fulfil their potential.

When a sales team is supported with the right coaching and provided with the right tools their results improve dramatically. Many of our client's teams have seen their results transformed from 60 - 70% of their team missing their target to over 90% consistently hitting or exceeding their targets.

Browse our range of sales training courses or get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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