How to sell in challenging times

These are undeniably challenging times, with the after-effects of the pandemic, rocketing inflation, struggling economies and terrifying conflicts a regular part of everyone’s lives. Challenging times can make it more difficult to sell as people look to save their resources and limit new ventures.

In reality, it is in times like these that investment is sales training provides even greater value to a sales person and a sales team, these are the times when you need your salespeople to be performing at their best.

So how can salespeople effectively sell during challenging times?

Keep talking to your existing customers

It is much more time and cost-effective to retain your current customers than it is to find new ones so don’t let challenging times get in the way of clear and consistent communication.

Staying in regular contact with your existing customer base is essential during challenging times, to help you:

  • Maintain a strong reputation

  • Retain customer base

  • Address customer concerns and questions

  • Learn about the challenges your customers are facing (since your target customers will likely have these too)

  • Upsell additional products or services that can help them through these times

  • Obtain warm leads through customer referrals

Not sure how to keep the conversation going with your customers? Take a look at our Key Account Management sales training course.

Do more prospecting and lead generation activity

When faced with challenging conditions most businesses cut back on activities, but this can be the worst possible course of action, when times are more challenging and difficult sales teams that thrive in these circumstances are the teams that are doing more prospecting and lead generation activity, not only does this produce the sales you need in these more challenging times but it provides longer terms benefits to your pipeline as the work you do no will reap rewards further down the line.

Have a cold calling or telesales strategy to generate more conversations and sales opportunities

Focus on building relationships