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What do you need to take your sales team to the next level?

Would you like your sales team to be able to generate an average response of 23% from their prospecting activities?

What if your sales team could achieve an average sales opportunity conversation rate of
47.5% what impact would this have on your sales results?

Perhaps you would like your account managers to be able to deliver an average account growth rate of
12% from their portfolio

Sales leaders and business owners turn to Think Selling Sales Training when they are looking to truly change and improve their sales results, whether this is working with a successful sales team that has ambitions to take their results to the next level or a sales team that is on the cusp of great results but needs the support and guidance of an experienced sales trainer to fulfill their potential, when a sales team is supported with the right coaching and provided with the right tools their results improve dramatically and many of our client's teams have seen their results transformed from 60 - 70% of their team missing their target to over 90% consistently hitting or exceeding their targets.


Let us show you why traditional sales training doesn’t work

The traditional approach of delivering a slick and motivating one or two day training session and expecting results to change simply won’t deliver you with the improvements and change in sales results you need, much of the material will be forgotten within the first 48 - 72 hours and before you know it your team have fallen back into their old ways

Our sales training stays with your team through our support process to embed our material


The training session is just the start of the journey, I view every training program as a long term project, my work with my clients continues months after I have delivered any training session providing a comprehensive post-training support and reinforcement plan to ensure that the material is transferred and applied and they can make the material work for them.



  • We will put your sales team back in control of the sales process, allow your sales team to understand the full landscape of a buyer's decision-making process, and adapt their approach to match their client's buying journey and ultimately make it easy for their clients to buy from them.

  • We will develop your sales team to sell more intelligently and move away from the traditional qualify, deliver features and benefits, handle objections, and close approach through our proven sales approach.

  • We work with you to develop every aspect of sales from prospecting and lead generation to relationship building and developing key accounts through to sales leadership, opportunity management, forecasting and pipeline management, and sales enablement.

  • We help sales teams deliver greater value to their clients by sharing new ideas and perspectives and collaborating with buyers in the sales process and clearly differentiating themselves from their competition. 

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Examples of In House Sales Training can we deliver

Account Management Skills In House Program

Help account managers grow and develop their account portfolio with a bespoke in house sales training course, help your account managers to identify their top 20% of customers and create a strategy of nurturing, growing and retaining these valuable accounts.

Suitable for 

  • Account Managers

  • Key Account Managers 

  • Account Directors 

  • Field Sales Staff

Prospecting & Lead Generation 

In House Program

Provide your sales team with a bespoke sales training program that will provide the skills and tools to not only prospect effectively but also to realise the importance of prospecting continuously to continue to fill their pipeline 

Suitable for 

  • Business Development Managers

  • Account Managers

  • Inside Sales Teams 

  • Field Sales Staff

Outbound Telesales Skills 

In House Program

Provide your sales team with a bespoke in house sales training course that will allow them to adopt an intelligent, grown-up approach to outbound telesales, delivered by an experienced trainer, they will share their experience, knowledge and the techniques they use themselves to secure meetings and high-value sales to achieve their own sales goals.

Suitable for 

  • Internal Account Managers

  • Inside Sales Teams 

  • Call Centre Teams