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Management and Leadership


Management and Leadership Training and Development from Think Selling Sales Training


Effective Leadership and Management has never been more critical right now and to help leaders and managers create effective teams and deliver more productivity within their team we have created a range of leadership ad management courses and programs. 


Our leadership and management courses and programs covering entry-level leadership and management, our LEAD courses and programs are not just for sales managers we also provide leadership and management courses aimed at managers leaders who are not in a sales function.  

These two day courses are an essential program for Managers designed to assist you to get the best out of your team, this management and leadership training addresses the unique challenges of management. The course covers how to manage a team and raise the level of performance and effectiveness within your team.


Delegates will discover all the key aspects of effective management. The course includes numerous exercises that have been specifically designed to enhance learning.


Delegates will leave the course with a clear plan detailing the actions necessary to maximise the performance and effectiveness of their team.

The Core Elements of our Leadership and Management Programs Include 

  • Leadership and Management Strategies 

  • Understand when to Lead, when to Manage and when to Coach

  • How to understand, motivate, develop and get the best from your team                                                       

  • How to create and nurture an effective team culture                                                                                  

  • How to support and coach your team 

  • Effective communication                

  • Our Unique Managementship scale                                              


How can these Leadership and Management courses be delivered?

We can deliver our Leadership and Management and Sales Leadership and Sales Management Courses in a variety of formats to suit your needs:

Public Leadership and Management Courses – Ideal for individuals looking to improve their skills and meet other leadership and management professionals

In House Bespoke Leadership and Management  Courses – Ideal for training whole management  teams with business-specific challenges

Online Leadership and Management Courses – Ideal for individuals or small groups who want to improve their Leadership and Management skills but cannot travel or who prefer to learn remotely


"Develop your sales leadership approach and drive sales performance through your team with our scaled leadership and management approach"


Designed for non-sales managers and leaders, develop an effective and high-performance team and an effective team culture with our proven unique management  leadership approach"

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