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Gain Essential Sales Skills to Overcome Real Sales Challenges 


Essential Sales Skills Live Online Sales Training Course


Course Overview 

The key objectives of this one day workshop will be to provide sales representatives with the confidence to sell more effectively in any selling situation, the course will overcome sales resistance and scepticism towards selling from representatives from a non-sales background by providing easy to apply sales techniques, we make selling more comfortable for representatives by providing a proven method of approaching the sales process from the buyers perspective to win more sales, this technique actively works with the buyer to overcome and minimise many of the common barriers to the sale whilst identifying and uncovering the buyers key motivators to buy your solution. 

Within this one day workshop you will learn the essential sales skills, sales techniques and sales strategies needed to win more sales, you will learn how to ask better questions, understand buyers needs, learn how to understand and deal with buyers objections plus learn how to work with buyers to secure the sale.

The workshop will also cover time management for sales people as well as understanding how to create and demonstrate value in the eyes of the customer to create more buy in from a prospect, we will also cover how to manage the sales process and manage prospect lists to keep on top of your sales pipeline.

Key Learning Objectives 

Taking sales people through the full sales cycle and based around providing solutions to real sales challenges, this two day sales training course will demonstrate how to deliver consistent sales and will cover a wide range of subjects including: 

  • Understand the sales process                                                  

  • Understand the buying process

  • Learn how to ask the right questions                                         

  • Learn how to qualify customer requirements

  • Learn how to book sales appointments and meetings                

  • Understand how to generate leads and new opportunities

  • Learn how to cold call in person                                                      

  • Understand how to handle the most common objections

  • Learn how to build rapport and establishing relationships              

  • Learn how to deal with difficult buyers

  • Learn how to deal with difficult selling situations                         

  • Understanding buyer behaviour

  • Discover how to create and demonstrate value                           

  • Learn how to read other people                                

  • Learn how to focus on the outcome when closing the sale        

  • Learn how to close the sale and gain commitment

  • Discover how to take a professional enquiry                               

  • Learn how to negotiate more successfully

Target Audience

Salespeople looking for formal sales training 

Experienced salespeople looking to re-focus and re-evaluate how they sell

Sales people looking to develop their sales approach 


Course costs and what's included

  • Pre-training skills appraisal and questionnaire for each delegate

  • Pre-training call with the trainer for all delegates

  • Supported by a 12-week post-training coaching programme and 12 months of email and telephone support.

  • Comprehensive interactive training manual, course notes, and training material for each delegate

  • Individually designed created training and development action plan for all delegates

  • Individually created post-training support pack provided after the training sessions

  • Real situation scenario orientated training sessions

  • Post-training follow up material to all delegate

  • Practical sales toolkit including objection handling guide, prospect list template, email templates, and time management guides.  

  • 12 months unlimited post-training access to your trainer via email and telephone

  • Post-training support via email and telephone

  • Post Training Webinars

  • Post-training follow up call with the trainer

Course Costs

£299.00 + VAT

Delegate reviews for this course

Organisation and domestics - 99.5%

Course Content - 99.2%

Course Notes - 99.5%

Presentation - 99.2%

Knowledge of Training Staff - 99.3%

In Meeting your Objectives - 99.1%

Overall Enjoyment - 99.7%

Forthcoming Dates

Support to help you apply your learning 

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Understand, Design & Create

Every sales team is different and we work with our clients to deliver a training program to meet their individual needs via pre training questionnaires, assessments and development calls with your trainer.


Practical Tools & Support Resources

Alongside your course material and support program, we also provide a range of practical tools and materials to help you to embed the training.


Inspiring, Engaging & Relevant

Our training programs are designed to be inspiring, engaging but most importantly relevant to your teams day to day challenges, meaning you can apply the lessons and ideas from your training course into your day to day role straight away.


Post Training Videos & Webinars

Every delegate has access to a range of post training support videos and tutorials to provide additional support and access to our training webinars.


 Comprehensive Support 

Our training is never focused around a single day, every course is supported by a comprehensive 16 week interactive support program, each module is designed to make the process of applying the material into your day to day role as straightforward as possible.


Direct Access to The Training Team

Every delegate has direct access to their course trainer and the training team, throughout the training process to answer questions and provide support around specific challenges.

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