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Management and Leadership Skills Course Overview

Should you be a manager or a leader, or can you be both?

Should you be both?

What decides the type of manager or leader you need to be?

The answer is your team, and what they need to perform effectively.

This two day course is an essential program for Managers designed to assist you to get the best out of your team, this management and leadership training addresses the unique challenges of management. The course covers how to manage a team and raise the level of performance and effectiveness within your team.


Delegates will discover all the key aspects of effective management. The course includes numerous exercises that have been specifically designed to enhance learning. Delegates will leave the course with a clear plan detailing the actions necessary to maximise the performance and effectiveness of their team.

Who is the Management and Leadership Skills Course for?

The Management and Leadership skills is ideal for anyone managing people in management  including:

  • Department managers

  • Assistant managers

  • Team leaders

  • Directors

  • Operations Directors

How can this course be delivered?

We can deliver Management and Leadership Skills course in a variety of formats to suit your needs:

  • Public Leadership and Management Course – Ideal for individuals looking to improve their skills and meet other Leaders and Managers 

  • In House Bespoke Leadership and Management  Course – Ideal for training whole Management teams with business-specific challenges

  • Online Leadership and Management Course – Ideal for individuals or small groups who want to improve their skills but cannot travel or who prefer to learn remotely

Course Syllabus

Essentials – Your  Management and Leadership Approach

  • Identifying and understanding the Essentials of Leadership and Management

  • What are your Management and Leadership Goals

  • Establishing your Management Styles / Leadership Styles

  • Identifying the Challenges COVID 19 and remote working will present staff, teams and Management

  • Introducing the LEAD – MANAGEMENTSHIP SCALE 

People - Understanding and Motivating Your Team

  • Understanding and Motivating Your Team

  • Understanding Member Team Behaviour

  • Best Practice for Motivating Staff

Performance - Managing, Leading and Inspiring Your Team to Drive Performance

  • Controlling and Managing the Team and Department 

  • How to Remove the impact of the 80/20 rule within your team

  • Time Management for You and Your Staff

Communicate – Communication within the Team

  • Communication within the Team

  • Communicating Your Vision and Message 

  • Leadership and Teambuilding

Growth – How to Recruit Staff

  • What do you need to grow your team?

  • Best Practice for Recruiting Staff

Strategy – Creating, Establishing and Delivering Your Own Management Strategy

  • Identify goals and objectives of the team.

  • Defining the Team Strategy 

  • Defining Processes and Procedures 

Culture – Creating an Effective Team Culture

  • What type of team culture do you want to create?

  • How to Create a Winning Team Culture

Develop - Developing Your Team

  • Identifying and Addressing the Challenges of Developing Skills

  • Coaching Skills to Get the Best from Your Team

Support – Supporting Your Sales Team

  • Building Business Performance Appraisals

  • 121’s and Monthly Reviews

Reporting – Managing the Burden of Effective Reporting

  • Effective Reporting                   

Course costs and what's included

Public Sales Course - £599.00 + VAT
In House Bespoke Sales Training - POA - Call 020 8798 0979
Online Sales Course - £495.00 + VAT


What’s included in the cost?


  • Pre-training skills appraisal and questionnaire for each delegate

  • Pre-training call with the trainer for all delegates

Training Delivery

  • Comprehensive interactive training manual, course notes, and training material for each delegate

  • Individually designed created training and development action plan for all delegates

  • Real situation scenario orientated training sessions

Post Training 

  • Post-training follow up material to all delegate

  • 12 months unlimited post-training access to your trainer via email and telephone

  • Post-training support via email and telephone

  • Post Training Webinars

  • Post-training follow up call with the trainer

  • Individually created post-training support pack provided after the training sessions

  • Supported by a 12-week post-training coaching programme and 12 months of email and telephone support

Course reviews

Why choose Think Selling Sales Training?

Why choose Think Selling Sales Training?

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Understand, Design & Create

Every sales team is different and we work with our clients to deliver a training program to meet their individual needs via pre training questionnaires, assessments and development calls with your trainer.


Practical Tools & Support Resources

Alongside your course material and support program, we also provide a range of practical tools and materials to help you to embed the training.


Inspiring, Engaging & Relevant

Our training programs are designed to be inspiring, engaging but most importantly relevant to your teams day to day challenges, meaning you can apply the lessons and ideas from your training course into your day to day role straight away.


Post Training Videos & Webinars

Every delegate has access to a range of post training support videos and tutorials to provide additional support and access to our training webinars.


 Comprehensive Support 

Our training is never focused around a single day, every course is supported by a comprehensive 16 week interactive support program, each module is designed to make the process of applying the material into your day to day role as straightforward as possible.


Direct Access to The Training Team

Every delegate has direct access to their course trainer and the training team, throughout the training process to answer questions and provide support around specific challenges.

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