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Our 12 Week Post Training Program

Our training is segmented into three distinct elements, Pre Training, Training Delivery and Post Training.


We work with you within our pre training element to ensure that we are creating the perfect bespoke session for your team, our highly interactive training sessions ensure that your team are engaged and challenged and  will take away a wealth of new ideas and techniques to develop and improve their sales approach.


Post Training Coaching Program


Studies suggest that the average human will retain around 27% of new information they are given (on a good day) and we know that training that isn’t supported and reinforced simply won’t stay with your team.


This is why every sales training program we deliver is supported by our comprehensive 12 week post training coaching program designed to reinforce your teams learning and development and ensure that they can transfer the lessons from the classroom into their day to day sales role.


Each week your team will receive daily bite size modules designed to reinforce each module providing practical advice and guidance to help your team to transfer this new knowledge into their sales approach, these modules are delivered through a variety of media including videos, articles, toolkits and short webinars.


Fully Monitored Program


The post training program is fully monitored and if we see that a delegate stops engaging with the material we will get in touch and set up a coaching call to understand how we can help to get them back on track.


Unlimited Access to Your Trainer


In addition to the reinforcement program your team also have unlimited access to their trainer and the training team via telephone and email to offer additional help and support to implement the training



Intervention Calls


We also provide scheduled intervention calls and webinars to provide further support and reinforcement of the material.



Coaching Community


Your team will also have exclusive access to our post training delegate learning community where your team can post questions and gain access to additional training and development resources

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