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So much of the thought leadership around sales management applies the long held belief that you need to be either a sales leader or a sales manager, our adaptive leadership program dispels this long held myth and outlines not only that you can actually be both to be a successful sales manager but more importantly that you have to apply both styles to be an effective sales manager.

Course Objectives

Session one - Essential Sales Management Skills                               Session two – Understanding and Motivating Your Team

Identifying the Essentials of Sales Management                                  Understanding Member Team Behaviour

The Role and Functions of Sales Management                                    Best Practice for Motivating Sales People

Sales Management Styles                                                                    Dealing with the De-motivated Sales Person

Identifying the Challenges of Sales Management                                Effective Communication Skills for Sales Management


Session three - Managing, Leading & Inspiring Your Team                Session four - Developing and Growing Your Team

Controlling and Managing the Sales Department                                Best Practice for Recruiting Sales People

Time Management of Your Sales Staff                                                 Coaching Skills to Get the Best from Your Team

Identifying and Addressing the Challenges                                        Developing Potential in the Sales Team

Controlling and Managing the Sales Operation                                  Effective Use of CRM - Sales Reports and Information Systems

Leadership and Teambuilding                                                            Identifying Skills Gaps and Designing Development Plans

Building Business Performance Appraisals

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