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If you could increase your own or your teams sales this year what impact would that have on you?


What is a mastermind group?


Think Selling Sales Mastermind groups are focused on taking your sales or your teams sales to the next level, the groups is made up of sales leaders or sales professionals, the groups usually consist of about eight to twelve members, we meet on a monthly basis to help each other to be more successful in a confidential setting, you will benefit from sharing your challenges with like minded sales leaders and the experience and expertise of the group facilitator.


You can seek guidance from outside of your organisation without compromising confidential information and also have the opportunity you to gain transferable knowledge as well as benefit from a “personal board of directors” and network with your peers.


We hold monthly sales and sales leadership mastermind groups in London and the South East with new groups being added over the coming months across the UK.

How can I can get involved with a sales or sales leadership mastermind group?


Joining or visiting one of our sales mastermind groups is by invitation only due to the structure of the groups as we want to ensure there is a mutual fit because our groups are not for everyone, but if you are interested in being involved with a group we would welcome an initial discussion. 


Sales Leadership Mastermind Group


We run sales leadership mastermind groups for ambitious sales leaders, if you are responsible for driving sales revenue through sales teams or sales functions our boards are populated by like minded sales managers, sales directors, VP’s of sales and heads of sales from a wide variety of market sectors.

If you have a successful track record in sales leadership and you are interested in empowering other professionals to grow their businesses, you are positive and willing to take an active part within the group discussions we would be interested in having an initial conversation


Sales Mastermind Group


We also run sales mastermind groups for ambitious sales professionals responsible  for opening and closing their own sales. Professionals who are tasked with a running a territory or building a book of business from scratch.


You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and have a demonstrated track record of success for 3-7 years in sales/business. You are interested in empowering other professionals to grow their businesses, you are positive, an action taker, and willing to take an active part within the group discussions we would welcome an initial discussion.


Our Groups 


Maidstone Sales Leaders Mastermind Group 

Maidstone Sales Mastermind Group

London Sales Leaders Mastermind Group 

London Sales Mastermind Group



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