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Sales Leadership Mastermind Groups from Think Selling Sales Training

A range of focused sales training and sales development courses and programs covering entry level sales training to more advanced and consultative sales training plus a wide range of other sales training courses.  

Sales Leaders Mastermind Groups

If you could increase your team's sales this year what impact would that have on you and your organisation?

What is a sales leader mastermind group?


Think Selling Sales Mastermind groups are focused on taking you and your sales team to the next level, the groups are made up of ambitious sales leaders looking to grow and develop as sales leaders, if you are responsible for driving sales revenue through sales teams or sales functions our boards are populated by like-minded sales managers, sales directors, VP’s of sales and heads of sales from a wide variety of market sectors.
The groups are small focused communities committed to meeting on a monthly basis to help each other to be more successful in a confidential setting, you will benefit from sharing your challenges with like-minded sales leaders and the experience and the expertise of the group facilitator.


Why join a sales leader mastermind group?


Benefit from a broad collective experience within the group 

You can seek guidance from outside of your organisation without compromising confidential information and also have the opportunity to gain transferable knowledge as well as benefit from a “personal board of directors” and the opportunity to network with your peers.

Develop as a leader 

Every month the group runs a leadership development slot aimed at developing the skills of the group covering a range of leadership elements to help you to develop yourself and your team.

Benefit from high profile sales leaders from the UK’s successful companies 

We have regular guest seats at each group where we invite high profile speakers and accomplished sales leaders from some of the UK’s biggest companies to talk to the group to tell their story and to share their experience and knowledge with the group.  

Create an individual development path


Every member will have the opportunity to work with the group facilitator on a 1:1 basis to develop their own individual development plan, supported by a buddy system within the group to help and support each other with your goals and development plan.

Do you have a goal you are looking to achieve or a challenge you need to overcome in 2022?
Whatever you're focusing on in 2022, you will benefit from sharing your challenges with like-minded sales leaders and the experience and expertise of the group facilitator.

Whether you are looking to drive revenue, grow your team or tackle a specific challenge or goal, our mastermind groups provide you with the opportunity to take the goal or challenge out of the working environment and into a neutral a confidential environment with the support and experience of the groups' boards and a highly experienced facilitator.

How can I get involved with a sales leader mastermind group?

If you are serious about empowering other professionals to grow individually and to grow their businesses, you are positive and willing to take an active part within the group discussions we would be interested in having an initial conversation


Joining or visiting one of our sales mastermind groups is strictly by invitation only due to the structure of the groups as we want to ensure there is a mutual fit for the group.


If you are interested in being involved with a group we would welcome an initial discussion about becoming a member or to arrange a visit to a local group call 020 8798 0979 or make an enquiry via the contact form at the top of the page or by clicking the box below





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