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Selling to the Four Main Behavior Types: Understanding Your Customers to Make More Sales

In the world of sales, one size doesn't fit all and if you really want to maximise your sales results and earn more money, it's important to understand your customers and prospects behavior types and tailor your sales strategies accordingly.

By recognising the four main behavior types and adapting your approach to each, you can build stronger relationships with your customers and close more deals, however understanding the behaviour of your clients and prospects is only half of the picture, to truly make the most of this massively valuable insight you also need to understand your own behaviour, communication, and selling style

Why is understanding the behaviour of our clients so important?

Put simply every human being has these four behavioural elements and generally speaking most people will have one, two, or occasionally three working strengths that we as salespeople can observe as external behaviour, every person has a unique personality and behavior type that influences how they interact with others and make decisions.

As a salesperson, it's important to understand and adapt to your customers' behavior types to build stronger relationships, overcome objections, and close more sales.

By recognising the four main behavior types, you can tailor your sales strategies to each individual and improve your chances of success.

So let’s explore the four behavior types and provide practical tips for selling to each one.

The Four Main Behavior Types

There are four main behavior types that people typically exhibit: formal, patient, dominant, and extrovert. Each type has its own set of characteristics, preferences, and decision-making styles. Let's take a closer look at each type and how you can sell to them effectively.


Formal or analytical customers are logical, detail-oriented, and focused on data and facts. They want to know everything about your product or service and how it will benefit them. They are skeptical and need to be convinced with evidence and proof.

To sell to analytical customers, you should:

• Highlight features as well as the benefits and the technical information

• Use data and logic to support your claims

• Be precise and detailed in your explanations


Patient customers are amiable and friendly, supportive, and relationship-driven. They want to feel valued and appreciated, and they prioritize trust and rapport. They are not confrontational and avoid conflict.

To sell to amiable customers, you should:

• Build rapport and trust

• Focus on relationship building

• Offer personalised solutions that meet their needs

• Demonstrate social proof and reviews


Dominant customers are results-oriented, assertive, and confident. They want to see the bottom line and make quick decisions. They are not interested in small talk or details and are often very direct.

To sell to driver customers, you should:

• Be results-oriented

• Emphasise the bottom line, ROI and benefits to the wider business

• Be confident and assertive in your approach


Extrovert customers are creative, enthusiastic, and emotional. They want to be inspired and excited by your product or service. They are often impulsive and easily swayed by emotional appeals.

To sell to expressive customers, you should:

• Use emotional appeals

• Highlight the big picture and vision

• Offer creative and exciting solutions

• Tell stories and take them on a journey

Understanding your customers' behavior types is critical for success in sales.

By recognising the four main behavior types, alongside understanding your own behaviour and adapting your approach to each, you can build stronger relationships, overcome objections, and close more deals with more customers

If you would like the opportunity to understand your own behaviour profile, communication, and selling style, I’m offering the first 20 people who email for the chance to take the assessment and receive a personalised report and feedback call.

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