The role of a sales manager

So you want to become a successful sales manager?

You may be a successful salesperson but you’ll need a very different set of skills, drive and behaviour to ensure that you and your team thrive.

Being a great salesperson is a great foundation to being a successful sales manager, but a good track record as a salesperson doesn’t guarantee success as a sales manager, this must be accompanied by a variety of skills including leadership, communication, strategic planning abilities, analysis and critical thinking, and adaptability.

What does a sales manager do on a day to day basis?

You want to become a sales manager, but what exactly does a sales manager do?

Sales managers’ responsibilities vary depending on the size of organisation and type of product/ service they sell. However, all sales managers are responsible for building, leading and managing a team of salespeople within an organisation.

Most sales manager job roles consist of:

  • Managing, leading and inspiring your team to drive performance

  • Understanding and motivating your team

  • Setting sales goals and targets

  • Creating sales plans and workflows

  • Growing and building your sales team through recruitment

  • Identifying and addressing challenges

What skills do you need to become a sales manager?

To become a successful sales manager, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right sales skills. While there is no doubt that hands-on experience in the role is beneficial, there are a wide variety of equally advantageous skills that you can master, through other experience, to thrive in the role as a sales manager.

The essential skills you need to become a successful sales manager are:

  • Leadership

  • Effective communication

  • Adaptability

  • Task delegation

  • Analysis and critical thinking

  • Strategic planning abilities