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By Paul Routley (Co-Founder of Think Selling Sales Training)

I want to take you back to the year 2000. I was a sales manager and having attended numerous sales training courses and engaged various providers to deliver sales training to my teams, I was left frustrated that very few delivered what I needed for myself or my team.

A lot of what was being delivered was more theory than practical skills and many of the trainers lacked the current sales experience and credibility needed to engage with my team.

Therefore, in 2007 I decided to do something about it and created Think Selling Sales Training. I wanted to create a training business that delivered three key outcomes for our clients:

1) Training that is easy to understand, engaging and could be relatable to client’s day to day sales roles.

2) Practical based training, providing solutions to the challenges clients actually face that is easy to put into practice and apply to what clients learn in their day to day sales roles.

3) We will support every client and help them implement what they learn and retain as high a possible amount of the material through post training support.

Fast forward to 2019 and these three core values are still at the heart of Think Selling Sales Training, but we have taken this concept even further. We deliver a range of courses that provide salespeople with the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve their results in every aspect of selling. Our Think Selling Sales Training help our clients with generating leads, winning new sales to securing larger more complex sales and developing and managing key accounts through to sales management training.

Every client has access to one of our experts before and after their training even on public courses. We work with sales managers to ensure that we are delivering exactly what they require from their training. Every course is supported with comprehensive post training support and coaching program including tasks and assignments to help them to utilise the material.

We have trained over 21,000 delegates within more than 1800 companies and our 360 adaptive sales model allows salespeople to gain greater insight into the clients buying journey, it helps teams to uncover objections and obstacles earlier in the process but more importantly puts them in control of the sales process and dramatically increases the number of sales they convert.  

In addition to sales training we are now able to offer a broader offering of solutions including recruitment, leadership development and training and mastermind groups 

Are you looking for a sales training solution for yourself or your sales team?

Call us today on 020 8798 0979 or make an enquiry via the website

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