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What do sales courses cover?

Although completing a sales course is not mandatory for a sales role, the war for talent is more fierce than ever and companies are looking to recruit the strongest candidates in the market. Alongside sales experience, companies are looking for the key qualities in a salesperson that will demonstrate a commitment to personal development and continuous improvement.

The importance of equipping yourself with an effective sales course cannot be underestimated. On top of teaching you the essential skills needed to drive sales, taking part in a sales course will also demonstrate a willingness to continue to learn, which is a core part of self-improvement in the role.

From a profit perspective, sales training has an ROI of 353% - i.e. for every £1 spent, you’ll earn roughly £4.53 back. This is because sales courses help salespeople learn and improve their selling techniques and processes – whether new or experienced, all sales professionals should receive sales training to keep their skills refreshed and effective.

Sales is the lifeblood of every business and if you are new to selling or have had no formal sales training a sales course will dispel the myth that salesmen are born, not made. Like many processes, the skill of selling can be taught and adopted by anyone with the willingness to grow and develop into a sales role.

What do our sales courses cover?

Think Selling Sales Training offers a variety of sales courses for every type of sales professional and organisation. From beginner to advanced, standard to bespoke, online or face to face, in-house bespoke or public courses, our sales courses cover essential areas for any successful sales department, including:

The sales and buying processes

Key to all successful sales is a solid understanding of the stages and activities involved throughout the entire sales process. This enables sales professionals to navigate each stage with confidence, leading to ultimately higher closing rates.

Our sales courses also teach professionals about the customer buying process and how to deal with objections so that they can approach leads and prospects with the right techniques and conversations depending on their stage in the buying journey.

Objectives and perceptions of sales

The objective of any salesperson is not to just make sales – it’s about identifying and converting customers who will have the best impact on the long term company success. Our sales courses help sales teams identify what these customers look like and what their ultimate objectives as sales professionals are.

Understanding the perceptions of sales are – both for the customers and other employees in the business – will help salespeople challenge any inaccurate perceptions upfront and make a positive early impression.

Basic selling techniques

To embark on a successful career in sales, you’ll need to learn some basic selling techniques.

Our beginner’s sales courses like Introduction to Sales and Essential Sales Skills cover all the foundational aspects of selling and demonstrate what it takes to make a sale. Starting from the beginning we follow the whole sales process, from taking enquiries to asking the right questions, handling objections, presenting your product or solution to a client and how to win sales by negotiating and asking for the order.

You can also receive more focused training in areas like Telesales and Cold Calling.

Advanced selling techniques

Salespeople will often come up against unpredictable challenges so our sales courses cover advanced techniques that can help you overcome them and feel confident making sales in any situation. This includes how to handle difficult buyers, how to develop relationships and how to uncover barriers to the sale.

Consultative sales processes are also covered in some of our courses – an advanced sales technique that can help you sell your products based on the needs and priorities of your customer.

Advanced sales training can also teach you sales leadership and business development skills.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are one of the most important qualities for a salesperson to have. While it can feel like some people are naturally born with these, there are tips and techniques to good sales communication that can be taught to those with less confidence and help refine even the most practised salesperson.

Key communication skills often taught on sales courses include:

  • How to build a rapport with a prospect

  • Understanding buyer behaviour

  • How to handle objections

  • Presentations skills and storytelling

  • How to have strong sales conversations

  • Booking meetings and appointments

  • How to negotiate

  • Differentiating yourself and your offering

  • Communicating more value to your clients

  • Asking better questions

  • How to gain commitment and close more sales

Prospecting and lead generation

Effective prospecting and lead generation helps salespeople streamline the sales process by identifying the best target audience and communicating with them at the right time. For untrained sales professionals, this process can feel like it requires luck and high volumes of targets to be successful. However, proper sales training can help you develop a clear prospecting and lead generation process to use your time more effectively and successfully.

Account Development

How many of your accounts are fulfilling their full potential? Selling to existing accounts is one of the biggest untapped opportunities for revenue growth. Top salespeople use strategic account management to generate significantly higher revenue growth, profit growth, and year-over-year client satisfaction.

Our account development courses help account managers and salespeople to apply more strategy and planning when developing their accounts and gain access to a suite of account planning and development tools.

27% of companies do not offer a sales onboarding program of any kind for new hires which is probably why 5% of sales representatives take ten months or longer to contribute to company goals.

Our sales courses teach you about every aspect of the sales process and give you the confidence and capability to handle every stage from approaching cold leads to closing a sale. Think Selling Sales Training offers a range of courses suited to individuals looking to develop their own sales skills to companies looking to improve the performance of their sales department.

Browse our range of sales courses and bespoke training offers, or get in touch for more information.

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